Cheers To My Random Life! A New Venture

2012My friend, LA, and I are closet-wanna-be-writers.  Oh wait.  It’s just me.
(She’s already got mad writing skills.) Anyway, LA and I have been
talking about blogging and writing forever.  Original, right?  We have
many false-starts between the two of us when it comes to blogs and
other writing projects.

In the decade+ that we have known each other, LA and I have probably
discussed writing every single time we speak to each other yet somehow
can skip the topic via e-mail or IM.  Go figure.

2011 came and went — LA and I each separately started blogs we never
fully invested in. Then along came 2012 on his shiny white horse named
RESOLUTION.  That’s when we decided that this was the year we could
grab blogging by the balls and ride it. Oh yeah.

The plan is simple: start a blog. write. and encourage each other’s progress.

The purpose: My pal, bless her compassionate heart, has a meaningful
purpose.  She will write to help others heal and understand.  Just
wait and see.  She is an awesome writer.

And mine?  Well, not so meaningful but it’s purpose is in the title —
cheers to my random life.  I woke up one day and realized that I just
couldn’t be Eeyore, Bitchy Betty AND Debbie Downer all at the same
time anymore.  Duh, right?  As a result, I advised myself (yes, I talk
to myself) that MY 2012 needs a THEME. Soooooooo –

THEME: Take joy in all the random shit in my life.  Believe — there is a whole lotta randomness in my life.

I’ll write to express myself — to share humor, have a medium for
sharing my love of crafting (disclaimer: i’m no martha!) and the
ever-changing obsessions in my life, and possibly connect.  We are all
unique individuals who have shared experiences that what I write may
resonate with someone.  Anyone. Aside from LA. 🙂

The ultimate goal is to find joy every day in 2012 and help you find it too.

Did I write every day above? I meant – every week, every other week, or maybe once a month.  Oh heck, let’s take it slow and see where it goes.


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